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In a world rife with overproduction and overconsumption, why still make things? Most of us in the squiddy grips of Westernized culture don't really need to. Almost everything can be bought faster, cheaper, and easier than what it would take to produce it ourselves — so why do we still bother Doing It Ourselves? It's all already out there. It's all already been done.


Do we make things for pleasure?

Do we make things for self expression?

Do we make things for utility?

Do we make things because we're bored?

Do we make things to brag?

Do we make things for growth?

I make things out of compulsion: because when my hands are idle too long I get fidgety, and picky, and self destructive. I make things out of a sense of pride: because I was always the "creative child" and, still, this long into adulthood, I feel the need to assert that piece of my identity. I make things out of self indulgence, and because occasionally, I surprise myself, and discover that I have in fact made something new.


Welcome to I Made This, a Kinja experiment meant to provide a space for doers and dabblers to share with the world things that they've, well, made. Big or small projects, whatever, really — the hope is that I Made This will evolve into a collaborative community, built specifically for people who build things.

So let's get started: Share projects you're excited about by penning your own Kinja post, and tagging it "I Made This." Alternately, you can comment below if you'd like to be considered for author privileges. Every week (or day, depending on how fast your little fingers get to work), I'll feature work that inspires, excites, or otherwise insights some sort of interesting gut response. I'll also be reaching out to my friends, makers and countrymen to regularly profile their endeavors — so make sure you regularly check for new updates.

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